Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update February 4th 2016

Please continue to pray for our work – we really do believe that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS and we do see changes in some of the various situations we prayed for.


GIVE THANKS -  In December 2015 we asked for your prayers for our Bread appeal and also for our need for funds for firewood. I am happy to tell you that in January we were able to send sufficient funds to continue the bread distribution to the end of the winter and to provide firewood for the neediest for the coldest months of the winter. We thank God for people’s generosity.


GIVE THANKS & PRAY -  In August 2014, we asked for your prayers for several of the Romanian social workers we knew who had had a series of miscarriages. The great news is that during 2015 two out of three of those young women gave birth to healthy babies. Thank the Lord for those.  There is still one social worker who continues to suffer miscarriages, please pray for God’s healing for her.


We plan to send our present TRAILER to Romania in May on a one-way ticket and then to convert it to accommodation for the homeless in Romania. Please pray that this will work out, as there are various logistical problems to overcome. Pray too that the money will be provided for the cost of insulating and fitting out the trailer ready for a homeless family. (Nelu reckons the cost of approx. £4500)

We plan to continue to send aid to Romania but using another container.


CHANGED LIVES – please pray that the needed funds will come in to enable us to fund the building of walls and roof of the planned building. Nelu from the FI charity is anxious that this should be achieved this year. (The building will offer 2 units of accommodation, washing and shower facilities for all the homes on the site and storage for relief aid). Pray for Nelu for good health.


TINATHON – on May 20th Mustard Seed Jersey and the Shelter Trust will be collecting tinned food which will be shared between Shelter for those in need in Jersey and Mustard Seed for the poorest of the poor in Romania. Please pray the arrangements go well.


MILDER WEATHER – thinking of those unable to afford much or any heating we give thanks to God that the weather is milder in Romania as well as over here.


Pray for WISDOM for all the social workers involved in determining who they can help and who they cannot help with limited resources, remembering ALEX & RODY, NELU & CRISTINA, VASILE & FLORINA, TUDOR & VIOLETA. Pray for each for good health.


In Jersey we pray for GOOD HEALTH and God’s real blessing on our volunteers, some of whom keep supporting us while battling with health problems. And we ask that God will bring others in with the skills that are needed.


In Jersey we GIVE THANKS for the life of Kath, one of our (more or less completely) retired very faithful volunteers. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.


I have received no specific prayer requests from any of the Romanian trusts since Christmas.


Please continue to keep Mustard Seed Jersey in your prayers, for we do believe PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


PS Last year I aimed to send out prayer updates once a month; this year I aim to send out prayer updates every 6 weeks to 2 months, unless something occurs that we want you to pray for urgently. Please do give me feedback as to what timing/format you feel is better.



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