All of us will have heard of the recent tragic events in the nightclub in Bucharest – our friend Nelu has written us an email asking for our prayers:


In 30 October in a youth club in Bucharest there was a fire conflagration where 32 youths died and 180 were injured, many of them are between life and death. (We understand they couldn`t  get out  because there was just one door, although that club was authorized by city hall).

People are outraged because in 26 years  after communism was abolished , in spite of promises of a good life for Romanian people instead  too many people became poorer – this is certainly true in Oradea. Many of Romanians are trying to survive at existing limits so as to not die.   

There are massive protests in towns in Romania against all politicians, people are disappointed. Many people can`t buy a bread , allocation for a child is 13 pounds/month to survive, youths can`t find jobs, many of pensioners can`t  take their medicine (they have to buy it and have no money), some of them are without electricity, many of them are not accepted to work because are over  50 years old, many are living on the streets. Please pray for Romania that there will be a BIG change for our country.


In the same email Nelu spoke of the joy many of their clients felt on being told he could start the BREAD DISTRIBUTION in November because of the donations we have received and forwarded to him for this purpose.

He mentioned too his joy that there were funds available to buy FIREWOOD for the poorest of the poor, saying temperatures have already dropped to minus 3 Celsius at night and in the following months there will undoubtedly be many nights between minus 15 and minus 20 Celsius; his aim is that we can provide fuel so that at least at night there can be heating.


For us in Jersey / Britain, where we do not struggle to avoid death by starvation or freezing it is hard to relate to the situation and needs Nelu has described. [But those of us who have visited Romania have seen this is the case]. PLEASE MAKE NELU’S CONCERNS A PART OF YOUR PRAYERS OVER THE NEXT WEEKS.


IN JERSEY we are busy with the Christmas shoebox appeal, checking all the boxes and getting them ready for shipping.

A number of our volunteers are struggling with a variety of health problems – please uphold them all in your prayers.


God bless you – please continue to bless us with your prayers for Mustard Seed




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