November 5th:

In Jersey we have now had most of the shoeboxes delivered and are now working on the time consuming task of checking each box to the best of our ability to ensure it has all the essentials and will bring joy to the recipient. Please pray all volunteers will all be careful as they check and work in countless other ways & that God blesses them for their donation of time.


Pray for the provision of sufficient suitable volunteers to help with the task of tallying and packing checked shoeboxes in cardboard boxes ready for loading.


Loading will happen in the last week of November and for this we will need a good size team to help. Again pray sufficient able-bodied people volunteer.


Please continue to pray for those who will be travelling to Romania this December under the umbrella of Mustard Seed Jersey, that all will be a real blessing when in the country.


By video recording shown at the Shoebox Blessing service, ALEX STROIE of Mustard Seed Romania shared of the difficulties and challenges he faces as the leader of a receiving charity. He would value prayer for wisdom and favour as he battles with complicated Customs and other paperwork requirements & formalities to enable them to receive the aid consignment, and then for wisdom  again as he decides who / which groups to give the Christmas shoeboxes to. (No doubt he will have applications for possibly 10 times more shoeboxes than he will receive, so inevitably some will be disappointed).

Pray for NELU for wisdom as (later this month when he knows how much money has been raised) he calculates who can be included on the bread and winter fuel distribution programmes. Again it is unavoidable that some will be disappointed.


We give thanks for at least one answer to prayer since last month:

We have now heard much needed information from those now responsible for the Kathy Langston outreaches; but I do not know how the application for change of use at Casa Mabel has progressed.


Can I encourage you all to KEEP PRAYING for our work in Jersey and Romania.



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