After many complications and uncertainties relating to Mustard Seed’s trailer, it has finally been shipped to St Malo for the onward trip to Romania. This aid consignment contains the Christmas shoeboxes and a number of blankets and warm clothes and should arrive for unloading in Romania on December 9th / 10th . We trust it will all bring joy and relief from suffering.


Please pray for the Jersey teams and that their time in Romania will be a blessing as well as a challenge. Pray too for SAFE TRAVEL:

HILARY & ROSE, also WENDY & COLIN due to arrive in Romania on Monday December 7th.

For the BEAULIEU team (2 teachers and 6 students) travelling to Romania on Wednesday 9th.

For Colin and Wendy returning to Jersey on Saturday 12th.

For Beaulieu returning to Jersey on 14th / 15th.

For Hilary and Rose travelling back to Jersey on Wednesday 16th.


Pray for those who see the reality of poverty for the first time that while challenged they will not be overwhelmed by it, but will be able to see how help from Jersey does make a difference for the better and will be inspired to work and pray.


Pray for WISDOM for Hilary and Rose as they must inevitably make decisions about how to use limited resources, to wisely monitor existing projects and decide on possible future projects.


GIVE THANKS for our wonderful team of volunteers in Jersey. This month we think especially of those who do the loading – Peter, Glen, Bill, Mike, David, Bob and others who sometimes help. Pray God blesses them.


We have no specific prayer requests from Romania this time. Pray for the poorest of the poor, that we will know who we can best assist. Pray also for those we sadly cannot assist, whether it is with firewood or food or other needs.


Remember the Romanian social workers. This month we ask your prayers for NELU and CRISTINA of the FI charity, for GOOD HEALTH for Nelu, also for his wife Cristina and their daughters Dalia and Lisa, for the BREAD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAMME they run, for the FIREWOOD they distribute to those with no heating, for their work with YOUTH and PENSIONERS.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers ~   Rose


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