Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update April 2022


Dear Praying Friends and Supporters


It seems a long ago that I sent out the last prayer update and we have all been shocked at events in Ukraine, which has changed many things

Romania borders Ukraine and has welcomed  over 600,000 refugees across their borders at time of writing. While many / most will move to another country, inevitably some stay, all are in need in support.

All the trusts that we work with in Romania now are reaching out to Ukrainian refugees.

In Jersey we started an appeal for money to assist the Ukrainian refugees and we have been absolutely amazed & thankful at the generous amounts of money we have received which we can and have already passed on directly to those who are working to assist those in the greatest need.

ALEX in Mustard Seed Romania is now using Casa Rabi (the building we originally built as an old peoples home called Casa Mabel) as a hostel / safe home for refugees. After a few groups stayed for a very short time in transit, they have now got family groups consisting of mothers and their children; in each family group at least one child has special needs. Nothing is certain and the situation is changing very quickly but it seems likely these groups will stay at Casa Rabi long term until the situation in Ukraine is resolved.

When Alex attended Bible College he met and has stayed in contact with SORIN who is a pastor in Ukraine close to the Romanian border. Through Alex we are able to assist Sorin and at least one other village or town in Ukraine through another contact of Alex & Sorin in Ukraine.

NELU AND CRISTINA of AVS have visited the refugee camps at the border to distribute goods. They have also assisted with running children’s activities for the refugee children near the border. Because of the distance involved and the time and cost of transport / travel we have encouraged them to work at the border closest to Oradea

AGAPE have offered hospitality to a number of refugees in transit en route further west.

VINEYARD too have offered hospitality to refugees in transit and have taken 4 kids into their kindergarten as their families are now staying in the area


IN JERSEY we received vast quantities of bedding, clothing, footwear etc for the Ukrainian refugees and as a result were able to send out our first aid consignment of this year several months earlier than planned.


Prayer pointers:

·       Please continue in your prayers that righteousness and justice will prevail, for PEACE and resolution for UKRAINE and reconciliation with RUSSIA.

·       Remember our contacts and pray for strength and blessing on:

·       SORIN and his colleagues in Ukraine,

·       ALEX of Mustard Seed in his involvement with the refugee families.

·       NELU & CRISTINA of AVS in their outreaches to children

·       AGAPE & VINEYARD personnel as they reach out to the refugees who come to them


In Jersey

·       We give thanks that when we were swamped with relief aid for Ukraine extra volunteer groups came to help. Please continue to pray for the VOLUNTEERS who do so much

·       HELEN GUNTON and I (Rose Pallot) plan to go to Romania next month - dates not finalized and confirmed but likely to be after May 17 for approximately 10 days


Please continue to bless Mustard Seed and those who we assist with your prayers

In His service




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