Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update February / March 2018

February 25th 2018

As we hear on the news of the forecast bitterly cold weather that is expected from Siberia, my thoughts turned to some of our beneficiaries in Romania who have no heating as temperatures plummet. Some of those receiving bread through our distribution have no resources left to purchase fuel for heating. Although we were able to assist a number by providing firewood last month we know there were many others in need who we did not have the resources to assist.

AVS – NELU and CRISTINA work among those who are the poorest of the poor and without doubt they will be troubled and saddened that some of their clients lack the means to keep themselves warm. Pray especially for the vulnerable elderly.

MSR – In the villages where our pensioners support programmes are based we have been able to assist most (maybe all?) of the neediest with winter fuel, but this sudden cold snap will be a test and some may not survive.

Vineyard have a regular big outreach to over 300 impoverished pensioners, some of whom cannot afford heating.  They often talk of how their clients at times have to choose between heating or eating.

Other Prayer Needs from Romania:

·       MSR plans a social assistance outreach to a new village further south. Alex very much feels God has brought these villages to his attention and is working with contacts, social workers, etc to assist with improving life and living for the people. Pray for wisdom for him.

·       AVS will need to stop their homework club after Easter as funding from Jersey has ended. It had run 4 days a week for a year, providing the kids with a hot meal or sandwiches as well as help with homework. After the 3 terms it was clear it has greatly benefitted the young people. We pray God will provide the resources to run this again, at least for the winter terms.


Prayer needs from Jersey

§  We are getting ready for loading our spring aid consignment. Please pray all goes smoothly with sufficient volunteers and good weather. [It has always eventually worked out, but the planning and juggling the logistics can be very stressful!].

§  We have a number of volunteers who have health problems at present. Please remember them in your prayers.

§  We give thanks for some wonderful donations recently to meet specific needs (like winter shoes)



Please continue to pray that the Lord provides what is needed – we recognise that at times what we WANT is different from what we NEED!

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things (clothing, etc) shall be added unto you” Matthew 6 v 33.

Please continue to bless us with your prayers




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