Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update April 2018

April 4th 2018

In our January newsletter we mentioned that we were looking for cars for various trusts in Romania – in fact we were looking for five. At a prayer meeting we prayed for cars, which at the time seemed an utter impossibility. We have not yet received 5 but we have seen 3 of those needs for vehicles met. One was a donation from a Jersey based trust fund (topped up a little by Mustard Seed) and that has provided a much needed vehicle for the work of AVS. Another need was met by friends of Alex in Austria who provided a car suitable for a needy family in a distant village who now work with Mustard Seed Romania . We were given a car in Jersey at the end of March which will be driven to Romania next week (week of April 13th) – this car will assist an impoverished family meaning the father the main breadwinner can travel to his work which is often unreachable by public transport or bicycle. ALEX & RODY STROIE of MSR will travel to St Malo to collect the car. Please pray that all goes well with all these  travel arrangements and that the car will be a real blessing to the needy family.

This answer to prayer for cars has encouraged me – I hope it encourages you to continue to bless us with your prayers.

AID CONSIGNMENT – after numerous difficulties and problems the aid consignment finally arrived in Romania and was unloaded successfully this week. Thanks be to God.

HILARY LAMBERT & I (ROSE) are due to be going to Romania from April 16th till 23rd and should be visiting al the trusts we assist – MSR, AVS, Vineyard, Agape and ADPB.

RACHAEL who has been our volunteer book keeper / preparing Mustard Seed Jersey’s financial statement for a number of years has retired due to health problems. Please pray for Rachael for healing as well as giving thanks for her wonderful help. Please pray that we will find the right person to take on this task for the charity.

We remember the words of Jesus in John 16 “Ask and you will receive and so your joy will be complete”.

Please continue to bless us with your prayers for the work of Mustard Seed in Romania and in Jersey for all beneficiaries, workers, supporters & all helpers.



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