NEWS FROM AVS – we have recently heard from Nelu & Cristina:

GIVE THANKS for the amazing news that the Romanian building company has promised to supply and fit the windows needed for the Changed Lives building project FREE OF CHARGE. This has to be the favour of God. Please pray God blesses this building company.

GIVE THANKS that we had sufficient funds to provide 2 distributions of bread each week in the coldest months of the winter. Now as it starts to become warmer we reduce to one a week and by the end of the month when all the bread money is used we will have finish all the bread distributions until next winter.

Late in February NELU had surgery on his knee for a problem that has caused him great pain for some weeks. At present he is signed off work till April to convalesce. Please remember Nelu in prayer asking for complete healing. Also remember Cristina in your prayers as she has had to carry on with the bread distributions and other outreaches to the poorest of the poor on her own.



        Continue to pray for complete healing of all of ALEX STROIE’S following his accident in the summer. He tells us the progress is steady but very slow.

        There are new regulations regarding fire safety which will have an impact on Casa Mabel. Please pray for WISDOM for ALEX, SERGIO & VIOLETA as they work out the implications and meaning and decide how to implement.



        Kathy is away in Canada at present for 3 weeks visiting her elderly parents. Her adopted daughters Codi & Andrea have remained in Romania in the care of a friend. Kathy’s absence means they are only able to take the orphans out for the day on Sundays (see January prayer update). Kathy, Codi and Andrea all plan to go to Canada for a month in the summer. Please pray for Kathy’s parents.



        GIVE THANKS that due to unexpected donations we believe we must have almost the whole amount needed to complete the building project for Changed Lives.

        WISDOM – please pray for wisdom and favour as we make the arrangements for the next aid consignment to go to Romania, scheduled for early May.


In Esther chapters 4 & 5 we read how prayer was wonderfully answered and Esther found favour with the king. Please remember to uphold the work of Mustard Seed in your prayers, praying for God’s favour on all our endeavours, both in Romania and in Jersey


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie

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