Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update May 2018

May 1st  2018

We really value your prayers but new rules and regulations (GDPR = general data protections regulations) mean we must have your specific permission to send you emails to keep you updated with prayer requests and answers. So if you want to receive future prayer updates please press reply or email us at and type in PRAYER YES


Give Thanks                                                                                                              Hilary and I both give thanks for a “good” trip – we both felt we achieved a huge amount, though came back to Jersey emotionally drained. We saw many encouraging things, we could feel the depth of gratitude for the help from Jersey BUT we saw much need and ended up having to choose what we could do and not do with limited resources. All would value your prayers:

Mustard Seed Romania’s main concerns are

·       that we will resolve the difficulties we face with changing rules and requirements for donating relief aid

·       that bookings for the holiday camp will go well

AVS has many clients with many needs especially

·       funding for a much needed additional toilet at the Changed Lives site

·       funding for various clients for medication and various surgical procedures

Vineyard – Hilary and I gave thanks for the welcome and accommodation we had at Vineyard. Like the other trusts they struggle to raise sufficient funds for their needs, especially involving the running of the kindergarten.

Agape – here Hilary and I spent a very enjoyable visit. Please remember to pray that needed funds come in to enable this work to continue.

ADPB – please pray for their building project.

Kathy Langston’s Outreach To Special Needs Young People In Residential Homes – although Kathy has now left Romania, various people from the church she worshipped at have taken on visiting these young people regularly. Hilary and I had a rewarding but challenging and distressing visit to 4 such homes. It was very clear the young people value the visits – please pray for those volunteers.

In Jersey we ask for your continued prayers for wisdom and favour, especially as there are various admin related challenges and new requirements. We ask too that you pray for those of our volunteers who are unwell and that we will soon have a new honorary treasurer.

If you want to receive future prayer updates please do remember to press reply or email us at and type in PRAYER YES


We very much hope that you will continue to bless us with your prayers.

In His service




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