Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update June/July 2018

June 25th  2018

A Romanian social worker wrote: “We want to give thanks to God that we are in this ministry that makes a difference in people’s lives”

Prayer Changes Things ~ Give Thanks                                                                                                              Since the last prayer update, we had a real encouragement with the provision of money that urgently needed toilet at the Changed Lives site which I mentioned last time. The right amount of money came in from several very unexpected sources and has been sent across to Romania. I haven’t had an update from Nelu about it yet but the money was sent in May. 

Alex from Mustard Seed Romania asks for continued prayer for:

·       that we in Jersey will resolve the difficulties they face in Romania with changing requirements for donating/receiving relief aid (more on that later)

·       that bookings for the holiday camp will go well

Nelu from AVS has asked for prayer for:  

·       WISDOM to know how best to help their clients

·       WISDOM to know how best to develop the various projects.

·       Rain for the crops they grow at the Changed Lives site (very important for self sufficiency)

·       Well to be dug at the Changed Lives site.

·       Good health for all the Changed Lives clients but Nelu especially asks for prayer for the clients Nelu, Florica, Constanta, Anamaria, Luminata, and Adiana

Vasile and Florina from Vineyard have asked for prayer for the following:

·       Project Simon – which distributes food parcels to up 350 needy pensioners in Oradea. This outreach is dependent on how much funding is received before each distribution.

·       Little Vines – the kindergarten

·       The Vineyard Church in Oradea

Extra Vineyard prayer requests:

·       Vasile and Florina’s son gets married in July. We pray God’s blessing on him and his soon to be wife

·       Our good friends Ken & Florence are spending several weeks in Romania late June / first half of July. Please pray for God’s blessing on all their travel plans and arrangements and for good health.

In Jersey we give thanks for a temporary honorary treasurer who is assisting us at the moment and ask for God’s blessing.

Please pray our enquiries to find a church / charitable organisation in the EU (preferably Brittany or Normandy) to collaborate with will work out.

Alex from MSR (Mustard Seed Romania) has found it increasingly difficult to arrange the appropriate permissions for MSR to be able to accept humanitarian aid from outside the EU. We suspect that when Brexit happens it may prove even more difficult, effectively impossible, for us to continue to send relief aid to Romania. Based on what we have seen recently we still believe there is a need for taking physical aid to the poorest of the poor in that country.

We very much hope that you will continue to bless us with your prayers.

In His service



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