Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update August 2019

Saturday August 24th 2019


The month of August is traditionally the time when the Romanian social workers have well deserved holidays. Schools will not be starting till about September 15th. We pray for refreshment for the SOCIAL WORKERS with whom we work.

On August 31st Rebeca  the oldest child of Alex and Rody Stroie is due to marry – so we ask for your prayers for REBECA and BOGDAN.   


Our next AID CONSIGNMENT is planned for the end of September, arriving in Romanian early in October.

Following that it will be our CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX aid consignment – we have no option but to wait and see what happens with Brexit and the implications for humanitarian aid.  

We GIVE THANKS for the premises for our Christmas shoebox appeal and for generosity of many people who have helped us providing for various of the needs we have identified, including toothpaste for the Christmas shoeboxes and some specific items of equipment foe which we asked through our facebook page.


In our last prayer update we asked some specific prayers requests which we had received from the Romanian trusts. I want to update you:


·       We have had no update from ADPB as to whether they have resolved their staffing problems and challenges with regulations. But we have received some of the items they requested.

·       MSR asked for help with funding for their 2 homework clubs – I have sent in an application to a trust fund asking for assistance but so  far have not heard back – so please continue your prayers.

·       MSR also asked for prayer for more bookings for their holiday club, they have sent photos of at least one group using the facilities. Knowing Alex is undoubtedly busy with her daughter’s wedding preparations, it is understandable we haven’t had further updates.

·       For AVS I have applied for funding for their homework club, which would enable them to run it for days a week during term time instead of just 1 or 2 days, but due to holidays, etc I have not yet heard if funding will be available.

·       No further monies have come in for the toilets and the building project so please continue your prayers.


Please continue to bless Mustard Seed with your prayers



In His service


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