Update from Rose:

My time in Romania in early June was very rewarding, especially to meet and hear of people to whom we had given bicycles and learn the difference it made – one man was walking 8 kilometers (5 miles) to work each day and cannot believe the difference a bike is making! I heard countless other accounts like that.

But the time there was dominated by the shock news that new rules and requirements for residential homes for the elderly meant that our residential home Casa Mabel was not able to run legally. There had been no warning of these new requirements so at the annual inspection earlier this year, Alex Stroie was totally unprepared to be told the home failed on 3 counts. To renew their licence and avoid the home being closed immediately while hoping that there would be possible modifications he signed a document accepting personal liability if any problem occurred. After making enquiries and seeking advice, he realised there was no “quick fix” possible. As soon as I was updated on the situation on arriving in Romania, I contacted the Mustard Seed Jersey trustees and then in a meeting with the president & vice president of Mustard Seed Romania the sad decision was taken to close Casa Mabel on July 15th. The Romanian law required that we give staff and residents 15 days notice but we have given more than twice that and offered help and support where needed.



Mustard Seed Romania (MSR):

We give thanks for the 8 years we have run Casa Mabel, for the good reputation it enjoyed and for the obvious happiness of those who lived and died there.

Pray each of the present 20 residents at Casa Mabel finds good and happy accommodation (a couple of days ago Alex told me one had already moved out).

Pray for the staff that they will all find suitable employment. Give thanks for the loyalty of several members of staff, especially Sergio & Violeta.

Pray for wisdom for Alex’s future plans for the site.



Give thanks that our 2nd old aid trailer is finally completed as 2 units of accommodation with 2 needy families living in it now.

Pray Nelu and Cristina will be able have a really relaxing, refreshing much needed break.



Kathy, Codi & Andreea leave Romania on July 26th. Pray for Cami and Mirella as they take on fresh responsibilities so that the ministry to vulnerable children in the homes and hospital can continue.



Please continue to pray for our increasingly urgent need for PREMISES for our Christmas shoebox appeal (9 weeks early October to early December).

2 new trustees are needed late in 2017 / early 2018.

Pray for us for wisdom as to the way forward with various changes in Romania’s definition and requirements for humanitarian aid.


We ask that you continue to bless us with your prayers both in Romania and Jersey.



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