Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update December 2018

Friday December 7th 2018

I would have hoped to be able tell you that the aid consignment with the Christmas shoeboxes and blankets was unloaded in Romania today, but the Romanian driver has told Alex in Romania that he has run out of “driving hours” and therefore cannot get the aid consignment to Romania before Saturday.  This means after border formalities and Customs clearance the earliest the unloading can take place is Monday late morning / early afternoon. In the event that there is a longer delay at the border or with Customs it would mean the unloading does not happen till Tuesday, and this would really impact on the programmes of the 3 groups from Jersey. SO PLEASE DO HOLD THIS IN YOUR PRAYERS.

On Monday morning 3 groups from Jersey set out to Romania to distribute Christmas shoeboxes, food parcels, etc with Mustard Seed. There are 2 groups from Beaulieu Convent School and a group of Mustard Seed sponsors and supporters.  PLEASE DO HOLD THESE GROUPS IN YOUR PRAYERS FOR SAFE TRAVEL AND THAT EACH WILL HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE, COMING BACK THANKFUL FOR THE BENEFITS WE HAVE HERE BUT CHALLENGED IN A GOOD WAY BY WHAT THEY HAVE SEEN.

This is a very busy time of year for the Romanian “social workers”, as they juggle responsibilities for their own families with serving those is great need. PLEASE PRAY EACH WILL RECEIVE DIVINE WISDOM, HEALTH AND ENERGY.  To help in your prayers for them here is a list of the names of the main ones in each organisation (some are salaried and some volunteer but all are very committed):  MSR: Alex & Rody;  AVS: Nelu & Cristina;  Vineyard: Vasile & Florina;  ADPB: Tudor & Violeta;  Agape: Sandu, Eva, Geta & Cosmina while Corey & Diana are in USA fundraising at present.

In the last prayer update I asked for your prayers for the local volunteers in Jersey checking all the Christmas shoeboxes. We thank God that we had sufficient volunteers, though the “back-bone” people of those volunteers were all exhausted by the end (definitely including myself!). 

Please continue to hold  Brexit in your prayers in relation to what we hope is Mustard Seed’s ongoing outreach and ministry to Romania.  There are many uncertainties and neither we nor the Romanian social workers know the outcome or implications for our taking humanitarian aid to Romania after Brexit.


In His service



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