Answer to prayer

In the last update I asked for your prayers that the transfer of aid would go smoothly in St Malo on Sept 7th . Here’s how prayer was answered:

Around midday on the 7th I had a phone call from St Malo from the Jersey volunteers Peter and Glen asking for urgent prayer that the aid would fit in – as the aid was being transferred securely and was all declared to Customs it was a very very serious potential problem. (Usually a larger trailer is sent but on this occasion it was one the same size). As soon as I got the phone call, I contacted a few people to ask for urgent prayer that the Lord who multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5000 would work it out for us.

Later Peter explained that as he looked at the amount of aid left to fit in and the amount of space left he knew it was humanly speaking impossible. He has loaded a number of trailers and so when he told me that there was not enough space I have absolutely no doubt that this was indeed the case. They continued to load and to Peter’s amazement the remaining available space in the trailer remained the same until it was all fitted in, including some very awkwardly shaped items!

I personally have no doubt that the Lord worked a miracle for us, how I have no idea, but I believe He did in answer to our prayer for help.


So please be encouraged to pray, knowing “Prayer changes things”.


Prayer requests from Romania:

People news and prayers:

Ø  ANDREEA safely gave birth to a daughter Aida last week. Pray for Andreea and her husband Rovin as they start a new phase in the life together.

Ø  Pray for Nelu’s wife CRISTINA and daughters DALIA & LISA while he is in Jersey later this week (Oct 8-15).

Ø  Continue to pray for KEN & FLORENCE as they get ready to return to UK around October 20th in readiness for Ken’s knee surgery. Give thanks for the provision of a bungalow for them to live in near family members in UK.

Ø  Pray for VASILE & FLORINA as they will take on extra responsibilities in Oradea, when Ken and Florence leave.

Ø  GOOD HEALTH for all the social workers that we work with


Jersey-based Prayer Requests

« Please pray for NELU’s visit that all goes well and people are encouraged and challenged by what he has to say.

« As we prepare for the Christmas shoebox appeal, please pray for smooth running. Pray the volunteers will be available when needed, and that there will be much laughter and good humour. Pray especially for Gerald who heads up the team packing the shoeboxes into cardboard boxes, pray extra people will be available to help with that task.

« Pray for healing for Jenny, Rachael, Marta, Bernie and others.


Please do keep us in your prayers – I believe we saw how prayer changes things last month in St Malo.


Nelu will be sharing about his work in Romania at St Pauls Church on Sunday October 11th at 9.30 and 11.00 and then in the evening service at Georgetown Methodist Church at 6.30.




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