Diary for Journey to Romania arriving in Romania on Wednesday April 9th 2008


We have finally arrived in  Romania – we got in about 10.30 pm. It was much later than we had intended but we just couldn't avoid it. By “we” I mean Phil and myself in the Mustard Seed minibus and Bill and Katie – along with big Ted – in the donated Peugeut estate car. This vehicle will be donated to Mustard Seed Romania charity  to assist in their pensioner programme and other outreaches – it was donated in Jersey by a supporter for use in Romania. The seven seater was pretty jam-packed full what with the empty honey tubs, the donated toiletries, some donated clothing and dominating the back seat big Ted. Teddy was donated to Mustard Seed – he seems almost new if not actually totally new and completely unused – and he has travelled over here to find a suitable loving little person or family. Bill and Katie found he aroused a lot of interest in Jersey before they left and he has been their faithful companion, not complaining when it froze overnight when he slept in the car while they were in the hotel, etc.


The first day (Monday 7th) went according to plan, but Tuesday 8th was dominated by road traffic accidents (none affecting us thankfully) which caused huge tailbacks and meant we never made it into Hungary for the night. On  Wednesday  there was another delay this time the 4th injector in the minibus engine collapsing – thankfully the sun was shining and there was a pleasant parking place with toilets and running water, and above all we had a spare injector – this has been a recurrent problem with the minibus so we now go prepared!! Phil donned his overalls and after an hour we were back on the road.


We arrived at 10.30 quite exhausted. We are staying at Caminul Felix Trinity House orphanage – the children here are too old to appreciate Ted, so we must find him another loving home.




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