Please consider packing a Back To School pack for an impoverished Romanian child attending one of Mustard Seed Jersey’s Homework Clubs.


Over here young people take it for granted that there are pens, pencils, exercise books available at school and at home for their studying.

But it is not so among the poorest of the poor in Romania, where the family is responsible for providing the writing materials at the school.


What should a Back To School pack contain?

« A good selection of exercise books and plain paper (use wider lines for younger children). [These will most likely be used in school]

« At least 10 lead pencils

« A couple of rubbers and a couple of pencil sharpeners.

« Packet of pencil crayons

« Packet of felt tip pens

« Packet of wax crayons (Good for all ages but essential for younger child)

« 10 biros (reduce number if for younger child)

« Ruler

« Geometry set (older child only)

« For older child you may like to include a calculator

« You may like to include Stencil set suitable for age choosen.

« Other items you feel will be useful and appropriate.


Pack these items in either a shoebox or school bag.

Please attach a label to say

        Back To School – Older Child aged 10+

        Back To School – Younger Child aged 5-9


It would be brilliant and much appreciated if you could attach £1 donation towards cost of transport to the outside of the box or bag (positioned so we will find it easily please, and it will be no use to the recipient in Romania).


We will send to Romania on either our spring or autumn aid trailers. They will be given first to the homework clubs we support, then if there are sufficient to the youth clubs also.


This could well be a project that a group could undertake, as to pack one of these boxes well is likely to be in the region of £20-£30, if you are giving the child a good supply.


Deliver to one of our collection places:

All Saints Church (Monday – Saturday 10-12)

St Peters Church (Mon – Fri 9-5)       St Marys Church (Mon – Fri 9-5)

St Lukes Church mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


Thank you for considering this – your help makes a difference.




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