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There is a HUGE need for blankets and warm bed clothes for the poorest of the poor in Romania. It is all welcome and can stop people from freezing to death.


SOMETHING SPECIAL: Many people knit blankets (usually in squares or strips) and as well as being warm they often bring pleasure and satisfaction to the knitter as well as joy and relief to recipient.


Mustard Seed Jersey  Knitting Squares For Blankets Guidelines

We suggest Double Knitting yarn, or two strands of 4 ply knitted together which equals double Knitting - having said that, all yarns labelled DK are not the same, neither to do two people knit to the same tension, but it doesn't matter that much.

We aim to provide blankets that are 4ft x 6ft which is a nice single bed 
size but can also be used as big body wrap as well.

Size 8 / 4mm or Size 9 / 3.75mm needles are nice as they knit a nice 
thickness of finish for a blanket.

Casting on about 60 - 66 stitches gives a finished width of about 12inches and to make 12inch squares means you use 4 wide and 6 long to make a good blanket.  If knitters don't like working on 60+ stitches then 30 or 33 stitches makes about 6inch squares.  All to be knitted in garter stitch (which is every row knit).

If people are happy knitting lengths like scarves then knit them to be 4 
foot or 6 foot long.

If knitting squares, if you can leave a length of wool at the end which is six times the length of one side of the square then it makes sewing up much easier as you have the correct colour and less joins for assembling.

Sometimes to “finish off” the blanket after the squares have been sewn together, people may add on a border (either knitted or crocheted) – this is a matter of personal choice. Most important - we are just so grateful for all contributions of any size square. However it is much easier to sew up the squares into blankets if the squares are a uniform size.


            Our collection places are:

Ø All Saints Church in St Helier open 10 till 12 Monday to Saturday

Ø St Peter’s Church open 9 till 5 Monday to Friday.

Ø St Mary’s Church open 10 till 4 Monday to  Saturday

Ø St Luke’s Church (in Howard Davis Park) open on the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Ø Occasional collections at Holme Grown Farm Shop carpark – watch for posters at Holme Grown and in the media.




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