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This appeal is to fund BREAD for pensioners and poor families in Oradea Romania – people too poor to buy for themselves – the need is greatest in the coldest months. Based on information from Romania we are confident that:

£6 will buy bread for a household for a week

£12 will buy bread for 2 households for a week

£30 will buy bread for 5 households for a week

£60 will buy bread for 10 households for a week

£120 will buy bread for 20 households for a week

£240 will buy bread for 40 households for a week ........


The social worker has a waiting list of families and pensioners who heard about the bread distribution last winter and are in need for this coming winter.


Money can be paid direct into dedicated bank account: Account Name: Mustard Seed Jersey Appeal Account – Account number 71135333  -  Sort Code 40-25-41.  

   Cheques made payable to “Mustard Seed Jersey Appeal” should be sent to Mustard Seed Jersey (Bread Appeal), Cardiff House, St Peter, Jersey JE3 7EJ





Early in January 2011, Nelu a Romanian social worker asked if Mustard Seed could help with money to buy bread for families and pensioners who were unable to afford to buy even a loaf of bread.

A donation made it possible to provide bread for 30+ households for almost 3 months.

Then during the winter of 2011-2012 thanks to donations received for our Bread Appeal we were able to fund bread from late November till the end of the winter. We helped over 50 vulnerable families, so many more persons benefitted as some families were large. This was a brilliant result and we are so very grateful to everyone who gave.

Needless to say we have been asked if we can help again this coming winter 2012-2013.

Because of the on-going rising cost of wheat and loaves of bread it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty the exact cost for this coming winter but we feel sure that £6 will provide bread for an average household for a week.

Again we want to give bread to those most poor and vulnerable, so if funding is short we will aim to provide bread for only the coldest months when the need is greatest, rather than bread for one family for the whole winter and no bread for another equally needy family. If needed we would consider reducing the number of bread distributions per week.

The coldest months are December, January and February, so those will be our priority months. Ideally we would want to provide bread for the 6 cold months from mid-October till mid-April, or better still from the beginning of October to the end of April .

 How many days/weeks/months we can plan to provide bread will depend upon the money raised by the end of October.

We hope to start the bread distribution mid/late November, but to obtain a good price the social workers need to know how much money will be available, so that they can negotiate a good deal with the baker. So we ask for all donations for bread to be with us before the end of October.


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On a freezing day in December 2011, representatives of Mustard Seed Jersey witnessed how the crowd gathered up to 2 hours before the bread was due to arrive in Oradea, Romania.

Thank you to those generous people who made the bread distribution possible during the 5 coldest months of the winter of 20ll-2012. 



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