DIARY 2  Wednesday December 8th 2010

It is now 5 pm Romanian time so 3 pm Jersey time. My lap top seems to be working ok now. Alex Stroie and I have just finished a hard 3 hours doing reports on all the sponsored pensioners, young people and families assisted by Mustard Seed Romania. I will need to correct the English etc when I get back home as I was typing as fast as I could go while Alex dictated.

We have heard from Bob and Neil in the lorry that they are just approaching Szolnok so they are only about 3 or 4 hours from here. Christine has flown over from Jersey and should have met Victor at the airport at Budapest by now and be on the road to come here. We hope that they can meet up with the lorry and escort the lorry here as the timing should work out about right – the car goes faster but the lorry is well ahead so the timing should be just about perfect.

When Phil and I travelled yesterday we noticed how poor the road surfaces are in places in Romania – especially what I call the “back road” and the road to Arad which is the way we must come to Cefa. The pot holes are unbelievable!! Alex spoke of vehicles breaking wheels or suspension if they hit them too hard.

Today Phil and I got up really late – it will have to be earlier tomorrow as unloading is scheduled for 8 am – that’s 6 am Jersey time!

There are now 8 elderly ladies at Casa Mabel and it is a happy place. There are the 4 we had previously met – Maria’s daughter has moved in too – although younger in her sixties she is disabled after a stroke and being widowed was very lonely as her children were away.  Since moving to casa Mabel she is much happier and her health is improving. She is a lovely lady, who speaks good English and both Phil and I have enjoyed talking to her.

This morning it was lovely to see one of the elderly ladies preparing  vegetables to help Nelu and cook/superviser.  There was a good atmosphere , laughter and conversation. We are learning the names of the new ladies and a bit about them. All in all I am very very happy with what has been achieved here.

We have not heard any more from Flori yet but expect that she will soon be in Bucharest for surgery tomorrow we believe. We must continue to pray the surgery is successful as otherwise her life expectancy is short; she is a very special person who has endeared herself to all who know her.

It is now 8.30 pm and still no sign of Christine. Bob and Neil have been in touch to say they have been delayed and will probably not arrive till 10.30 pm.



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