DIARY 5 Sunday December 11th 2011

There is not that much to write about today as although it was a busy day it was a quiet day when we slowed down which was good after the “busy-ness” and emotional demands of yesterday.

Marta and the team from Beaulieu went to church with Alex to the blue church – that is how he describes it, it is one of the churches he pastors. It is the church where money from Jersey from one of the schools has helped with provision of musical instruments for young people with musical talent but no funds to buy instruments as they must do this to learn. I understand it was a peaceful morning and the team enjoyed it.

Meanwhile Debbie and I went to Casa Mabel to use Debbie’s skills and training as a physiotherapist in working out possible ways to improve Casa Mabel to make it easier for the staff and elderly residents. The carer was able to identify one area of difficulty and Debbie was able to suggest a quite radical but possible solution. Later in the day when we had a meeting with Alex and Rody they also knew where the main difficulty was with the downstairs bathroom, but did not know how to rectify it. Debbie was very impressed with Casa Mabel and sais her suggestions were “tweaking” it to make it better.

The rest of the team joined us at Cefa for a pensioner distribution (food parcels and shoeboxes). This was difficult as a number of new people arrived for whom Alex had no paperwork or proof that they were actually in need nor the resources to assist them, which had already been explained to them and was explained again but they sat there hoping. One woman (whose child attends the kindergarten) became really abusive.

We had a lovely meal at Casa Mabel, then distributed the resident and young women their shoebox gifts. One old lady (recently moved in) wept and said she was not worthy to receive a gift.



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