DIARY 6 Monday December 12th 2011

The team from Beaulieu Convent School have now left and are (as I write) are in Budapest ready for their plane on Tuesday morning. Victor the pastor at Berechiu and Cefa and also part-time supervisor at Casa Mabel site is with them. He has been the driver most of the time and so has had 8 women in tow – we called ourselves “Victor’s Harem”!!! I have heard from Marta that they went out for a meal and are looking forward to a decent lie-in before their plane. They will be sad to say Good bye to Victor as he is so caring – it is lovely to see his compassion with the elderly at Casa Mabel and with the kindergarten children too.

But back to the day’s events! With all bags packed and loaded they arrived at Cefa to distribute in 3 local schools – Cefa, Inand and the Mustard Seed Romania kindergarten. There was concern expressed at the poor conditions in some of the schools and the difference in the good feeling of love, which they felt was especially noticable in our own kindergarten.

While at Casa Mabel for lunch (again very traditional) we found that we are all thinking alike. It is Alex’s policy to always give a shoebox to the teacher as he knows they are far from well off, so they receive a child’s box. We all agreed a teacher’s box is needed, containing personal toiletry items and stationery and useful teacher style items. Michala was writing lists of contents in the minibus on the way back to Oradea.

We said our Goodbyes and they went with Victor to Budapest while I came back to Ken and Florence’s in Cihei. In the evening we went to Geo and Simona’s for a meal which was lovely – in honour of this I put on a clean pair of trousers but on arrival the dogs (St Bernards) were so pleased to see us that one slobbered all over my clean trousers!!!

Now I am here alone my programme will be far quieter – fewer distributions and visits and more monitoring and reports and planning but I will continue the diaries though every other day as there is unlikely to be enough to write each day! I will try again to upload more photos but we will see how that works out.

It has been really good having Marta, Clare, Debbie, Michala, Rachel, Charlotte and Becky from Beaulieu Convent School – the Romanians have really appreciated their visit and I know I have enjoyed the company and the opportunity to show the work her to others.


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