Diary 7 Tuesday & Wednesday Dec 13th & 14th 2011

I have heard the Beaulieu group have arrived back home safely and found their experiences very well received by the rest of the school. It has been brilliant having them over here, and I hope and pray it is not the last time, but the start of a new venture for them that will not only benefit them but assist Mustard Seed in Romania and Jersey too.

On Tuesday morning I helped Florence make up and distribute food parcels for Vineyard outreach to the housebound impoverished elderly. Always a privilege to go into their homes – most were very happy for our offer of prayer as well as the food packet. As Florence and the Vineyard team visit every month they have built up a real relationship with the old folk. When we got to one lady’s apartment on the top floor (I believe apartment blocks of 4 floors or less have no lift just stairs) there was no reply at the bell. Florence felt anxious so we struggled up the 4 flights of stairs and still no reply to our banging on her door. Knowing the old lady is usually a prisoner in her home due to weakness, we had visions of her lying dead or dying, so called the neighbours. Eventually the caretaker was called but she said she had seen the old lady going out shopping. A few minutes later the old soul very out of breath struggled slowly (very slowly) up the 4 flights of stairs with a loaf of bread in her bag.

On Tuesday evening I went to see Nicu’s Girls (young women ex-orphanage who we have assisted for some time). I took them their Christmas shoeboxes and also some toiletries purchased with some of the money given in memory of Phil and I gave them more to buy food. It was quite a pantomime getting the boxes up the stairs – think that was 3 flights and some of the boxes were heavy – even though I had made sure they were comparatively small boxes we used for packing the shoeboxes and toiletries. They were delighted.

On Wednesday I went to Agape Ministries (outreach to adult orphans offering education, etc), they were ultra busy as they make cards for income and had a big order to complete by Saturday. But they had time to stop and greet me. Nadia gave me a fascinator she had made – really lovely, I shall wear it at Christmas. And Gyonghy gave me a beautiful card she had made. Both girls came to Jersey a few years ago and are now involved with Agape.

The evening ended going with Ken and Florence to a concert of a youth choir and orchestra at the theatre in Oradea. The standard was really excellent a fabulous evening. Only drawback was that the burglar alarm went off in the middle! (I thought it was a fire alarm) but stopped after about 10 seconds – the choir and orchestra continued unperturbed.


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