Friday December 12th


Today has been a good day for most of us except for Barry who is still nursing his cold and slept all day. The rest of us have spent the day with Alex, going to see schools and families in Voivez (where Mustard Seed Romania assists several families).

We went in Alex's minibus and began by an unscheduled visit to a vinery store which was underground more or less and quite dark and cold where there were huge containers of wine which was for sale at a very much reduced rate. So we had a wine tasting session and then we bought a few bottles huge bottles of 2 litres and about 5-6 a bottle if my exchange calculations are right.

Then on to several schools in the area of Viovez to distribute shoeboxes these kids had never had shoeboxes before and so were very excited. The first school had prepared an hour long concert for us which we had to ask them to shorten as we just did not have time as we needed to get to another school and kindergarten before they ended for lunch. That distribution was especially good as it was in the playground on their way home straight from the van easier than humping the boxes into the school to distributes especially as the weather was kind.

After we had lunch with a family known to Dan who employ several of the families we assist a lovely lovely hospitable couple who made us so very very welcome and fed us well.

We then went to see the families we assist and saw some of the childeren we had given boxes to in school that was really good. We were very much welcomed and at the last 2 were offered more food and it would have been rude and offensive to refuse. Especially with one family I was delighted as it shows the progress and improvement in them, though I strruggled to force anything else down my throat! The final family an old couple with a handicapped daughter insisted on giving us a doggy bag as they were clearly disappointed at our efforts to eat what they had so kindly prepared for us as they knew we were coming.

It was a slightly hair-raising drive back to Oradea as it was dark, we were in a hurry, there were unexpected people in dark clothing walking virtually invisible along the road side. Thank God Dan somehow saw them all in time.

We went to the girls apartment to eat again this time pizza!!! and give out the shoeboxes. These are the girls assisted by Mustard Seed Romania in Oradea.

It has been another good day no chance of feeling under-fed today!!!

Just before midnight we heard that the drivers Ian and Chris are 40 kms from St Malo so they really made fantastic time - maybe Bertha the lorry sprouted wings!! But they have been told they will have to spend the day in St Malo as the morning boat to Jersey is cancelled.



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