Dec 10th 2012 10/12/2012

Finally the lorry was unloaded and at last we could begin to distribute the Christmas shoeboxes! Unloading began mid morning as soon as Customs clearance had been given.

The team from Beaulieu were able to help with unloading, also pack food parcels. Then a quick dash to the first school; schools in Romania open in the mornings only so there was real pressure time wise to get to schools before they closed for lunch. The mayor phoned one of the schools and asked them to hold the children back in the final school till we got there.

As always it is so rewarding to see the joy, awe, disbelief - so many emotions apparent in the children's eyes. One little girl took everything out of her shoebox very carefully and then equally carefully she packed it all back in again to take home. I felt there was a huge contrast with how she responded and how most of the Jersey younger people respond to a gift.

The teacher shoeboxes have been well received and we have received some very good feedback from teachers that they contain what they find useful, so that is encouraging. They were packed by teachers in Jersey for teachers in Romania

Have I remembered to tell you there is a good thickness of snow on the ground, especially at Cefa. The temperature has been below freezing all day and will I suspect go a lot lower tonight. It is very picturesque but of course more difficult for driving.

After lunch at Casa Mabel our pensioners' home we went to several of our home work projects where again we gave out shoeboxes. It was explained just how much difference the continued aid from Mustard Seed has made to the children so that now instead of constantly missing school (often because of how they were treated if they had poor clothing, etc), they can go to school confidently, feel accepted and achieve their potential educationally.

We gave out shoeboxes and food parcels to the pensioners in the community. Finally we gave our shoeboxes to the residents at Casa Mabel.

Yes it's been a good day and I am so glad the trailer has finally been unloaded so we can start to distribute the aid from Jersey to those who need it.


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