Morning Thought 1


Monday 27th Dec 2021


Good morning. I think I can say that this year it is the latest that we have sent our shoeboxes to Romania. For various reasons beyond our control we shipped this December consignment (which includes the Christmas shoeboxes) a week later than usual and then the Romanian haulier had technical problems so the pallets with the Shoeboxes on were not collected from St Malo until a couple of days later than we had expected and planned.

This in turn affected their arrival time in Romania. The Romanian social workers knew that once the shoeboxes arrived they were going to have to focus really hard on getting all the shoeboxes distributed in the last week before Christmas.

I cannot tell you how pleased I was to hear the lorry arrived safely for the unloading on Monday 20th December. Yes we really had cut it a bit fine and it meant the social workers had a busy few days distributing the childrens boxes before schools closed on December 23 as well as arranging meetings to give the pensioners their packages.

Let me share this message

“Thank you people of Jersey. Again you have been so kind in what you have given. To organize and give out the shoeboxes is hard work for us here in Romania and I and my helpers go home tired but happy. Sometimes I may ask if it is worth the effort but then I see the smiles on the kids faces especially the children in the orphanages and I see the tears and joy on the pensioner faces and I know it is worthy of the effort. You have brought joy to people in Romania. God bless you this Christmas time”.



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