Morning Thought 2


Tuesday 28th Dec 2021


Good morning.

Over the years of distributing Christmas shoeboxes - which is always a huge thrill and privilege - I have often ended up with tears in my eyes. I guess I cry quite easily. But usually - rightly or wrongly - we donít seem to expect that men will cry.

So let me share Mikes true story of a distribution in a hospital during the Bosnian crisis. In a hospital ward as they were about to distribute the Christmas shoeboxes one of the nursing staff told Mike and the other drivers that one particular girl had lost both her parents in the explosion that had seriously injured her. Feeling overwhelmed and helpless the driver asked the girl if there was anything he could help her with. She said she wanted a Barbie doll saying it would really help her to have one.

Mike looked helplessly at the covered shoeboxes and offered up a quick silent and desperate prayer to God for help. Then he said he felt drawn to one particular box and gave it to the girl. He knew it would have good things in it, but he had no idea if there was a Barbie doll in there.

The girl opened the box and amazingly there on the top was a beautiful Barbie doll with a number of outfits. Mike told me all the drivers wept at the sight and the girls sudden smile.

You could of course say it was an exceptionally lucky co-incidence, but I believe it was an example of God answering prayer. How incredible that the Lord had seen that box lovingly packed and kept track as it travelled thousands of kilometres to Bosnia to the very place where a bereaved child had asked for a Barbie doll to help her work through her devastating loss.

Have a good day.




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