Morning Thought 3


Wednesday  29th  Dec 2021


Good morning.

Nelu is the social worker in Romania who is responsible for the bread distribution that Mustard Seed Jersey funds. Recently he shared with me a beautiful conversation that he had overheard at one of the bread distributions this year.


Two old ladies were talking as they waited in the cold for the bread van to arrive.

The first one said: “I just cannot believe that people who don’t know us and live so far away will help us in this way with our daily bread”.

The second lady replied “it is incredible and I thank God for them and pray he blesses their generosity. But God is even more generous in how he sent his son Jesus to the earth to save people from the consequences of their wrong doing”.


That is so true we are blessed to be in a position to be able to give. But our generosity is not anything like as great and deep as Gods. Whatever we give is never as complete and sacrificial as God’s giving.

Thank you to everyone who has given to Mustard Seed’s bread and food parcel appeal this winter. I join with those elderly pensioners in Oradea in praying that God will bless you each one.




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