Morning Thought 4


Thursday 30th Dec 2021



Good morning it was a couple of months ago that we in Mustard Seed Jersey were blessed by a very generous donation. The donorís wishes were that the money should be used to help people to have a better life in Romania.

So I approached the Romanian social workers that we have been working with for a number of years and explained that money was available and that it was to be used to benefit people to give them a better life and I asked them to make suggestions, with costings.

It felt to us as trustees to prayerfully consider those requests, some for big projects needing quite large amounts of money adding a roof or a bathroom to houses, others with a much smaller requests for home improvement very basic in one case for a woodburning stove to provide an elderly pensioner heating and cooking facilities

I believe we made wise decisions in allocating the funds and I have been thrilled in the last fortnight to receive photographs from Romania showing how some of that money has been used.

Some of the most telling and lovely photographs is of before and after. Let me share one with you.

The first photograph shows a very elderly lady supported by two walking sticks standing by a very decrepit stove in a very dark and dingy basement room. The second photograph shows the same lady in the same rather dark and dingy basement but with a shining stove that she could use for cooking and for heating and this time the woman has a radiant smile on her face.

A few days ago when I was reading my bible I read from Psalm 68 which talks about God being a father to the fatherless a defender of widows and orphans how God sets the lonely into families. I believe Mustard Seedís work is an example of that in action.



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