Morning Thought 5


Friday 31st Dec 2021


Good morning over the years of working with Mustard Seed Jersey I have learned to recognize the signs of poverty. One sign is the inability to pay for basic medication and medical procedures.

In our Christmas appeal for the last few years we have highlighted that need for medical help and invited people to make donations not just to pack shoeboxes not just to buy food parcels and bread or to provide winter fuel and heating but also to help with potentially life-saving medication or medical procedures.

Sometimes that medical money may be used to provide medication for a pensioner who cannot afford to pay for it; other times it may be used for surgery. But what I have noticed over the years is that every time the social workers send requests for money for medical needs, there are invariably requests for comparatively small things like eye tests and spectacles for both young and old, money for cataract surgery and for help to provide hearing aids for both the young and the old.

We frequently grumble here in Jersey but based on some of the unmet needs in countries like Romania among the poorest that I have come across, I feel it is good and appropriate to end this year with thankfulness.

Letís be Thankful for the many blessings and benefits we have. Letís appreciate the health care we have available here. Letís Be Grateful for the opportunities we have on this island.

But most of all I am grateful to God for his gift of love in sending Jesus as a baby at Christmas 2000 years ago and for who that child grew up to become and what his life means to Christians worldwide.

Psalm 107 opens with Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his loves endures forever.




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