Dec 6th 2012 06/12/2012

Well I really hoped to be able to say the lorry was finally on its way but it isn't, it is still stuck in Regensberg waiting for one final part. The reason for the delay is not that the part is obscure but the weather in the part of Germany where the store is.

Sadly this means that there is no way the drivers will be able to arrive in Romania in time to clear Customs and unload before the weekend as customs closes early on Friday afternoon till Monday morning.

It was a day when we were very well fed - in fact over fed! We went to Casa Mabel and had a wonderful welcome there also an early lunch at 11.30. Then different people gave us food throughout the day .... Really well fed with cakes galore! Bags of grapes, apples, and a huge bag of pancakes and cake.

Today Hilary and I went out with Dan and went to Voivoz. Here there are various families assisted by Mustard Seed and we went to visit. When the children all saw us, they recognised me and expected we had Christmas shoeboxes and a couple were SO excited it was awful! Of course it was explained to them that the shoeboxes were delayed but they found it hard to believe. Difficult for us to see their excitement and know the reason for their joy was not going to happen today.

We saw 2 very generous families - one an elderly widow with a severely handicapped daughter. We took her a large packet of incontinence pads which she appreciated so very much for her daughter and wanted to feed us to show her appreciation. She is a lovely lady, also so generous towards the needy family living next door. The other generous family are relatives of Dan and always give me a wonderful welcome. They are so kind and generous, hospitality is very important in Romania and we were on the receiving end of wonderful hospitality today.

Tomorrow Hilary leaves for Budapest. Marta and the team from Beaulieu fly into Budapest and will meet Hilary in the hotel. Then on Saturday the Beaulieu group leave early for Romania but Hilary will leave at a more reasonable hour to head to the airport.

(It is unlikely I will write a diary tomorrow as I am expecting it to be a chilling out day for me personally).


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