Dec 7th 2012 07/12/2012

Just a very quick update with good news and bad news.

The good news is that the trailer was repaired finally and the drivers were finally on the road by 1 o'clock. At the time of writing (22.30) they are speeding towards the Romanian border where they should arrive in the early hours of Saturday 8th. The other very good news is that the pressure is off and Herve Godard of Sarl Godard of Brittany very kindly says not to worry if we are late getting the tractor unit back, which now is unavoidable. We expect to unload on Monday, then the drivers will head for home.

But the bad news is that the group from Beaulieu have not arrived. Their plane to Budapest was cancelled due to a fault at Budapest airport - we gather it was an electrical fault. They have been re-scheduled for same flight tomorrow. BA have put them up in a hotel and are looking after them very well.

This trip has been full of problems, but with God's help we will resolve and overcome all the problems and difficulties.


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