Dec 8th 2012 08/12/2012

Bob and Sean the lorry drivers arrived in the early hours of the morning - at about 04.00. I am afraid that in spite of my best intentions that I would wake when they arrived I slept through. I was absolutely amazed when I woke up several hours later that I hadn't woken when they got here! Very relieved and pleased that they have got here safely - they are in good spirits. They did amazingly well getting from Regensberg to Romanian border in 13 hours; they say they had comparatively little traffic and a clear road. They only stopped for a quick coffee and sandwich on the way and just drove.

This afternoon we went and bought ingredients for the Beaulieu Convent School food parcels - by that i mean they raised the money, and were bringing it across with them to change then use to buy the food and pack the parcels. But as they have been delayed we have done the buying and the packing so they can give out tomorrow. It was very useful to have a man to push the heavy trolleys!!!! It is a shame that the Beaulieu party have not arrived yet, but we have packed up some really good food parcels for them to distribute tomorrow. You may like to know that they have 17 ingredients in them, double flour, double sugar, double oil, pâté, tinned meat, seasoning, several different kinds of pasta, rice, biscuits, couscous - so we very much hope that the needy families receiving them tomorrow will be blessed.

As I write the party from Beaulieu are on the road between Budapest and here. The temperature is minus 4 and there is snow on the ground, Marta says. They should arrive about 10.30 maybe 11.30 Romanian time. There is snow on the ground here also.


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