DIARY 1 December 7th 2010


Phil and I arrived in Romania today, almost 24 hours later then planned due to snow, ice, fog, sleet, slush .... not the easiest of journeys but we have now arrived safely. We planned to arrive before the lorry to spend time with Flori (who is poorly). Her kidney dialysis is not responding well so unless there is improvement she may not live much longer and we want to spend time with her.


We went straight to Casa mabel to see Flori. She was delighted to see but her joy was tempered with sadness as she had just had a phone call to say she much travel to Bucharest for surgery tomorrow. That was a blow as we had hoped to see her till Monday. To make matters worse she needed to travel to Oradea tonight. Possibly she will return to Oradea before we leave on 16th.


When we said good bye Flori was crying, the others she lives with were crying, we were both close to tears, several of the old ladies were crying too. We all prayed together committing her into God's hands and asking that the surgery will be successful and that Flori will have no fear but compassionate carers. 


I am having computer problems so this is a very short diary - hopefully I will have them resolved and the next instalment will be a bit longer as there is plenty more to tell. 


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