Greetings from Romania to everyone reading this.

The Mustard Seed Jersey aid consignment driven by Jonathan and Selena arrived yesterday late afternoon – too late to complete Customs formalities yesterday so those were done this morning and unloading took place this afternoon. By far the most challenging were items to get off the trailer with the sit on lawn mower and the jeep! But they came off with the steel ramp and some extra wood. At one point I thought it seemed impossible at which point I went off to the toilet and offered up a quick prayer. Soon after that the mower came off followed by the jeep maybe 10 minutes later.

The weather is beautiful – cold, frosty, crisp and sunny (I understand Jersey weather is very wet) and after unloading and a visit to the homework club Jonathan, Selena and I went for a lovely walk into the village.

Tomorrow before they leave we have arranged 3 Christmas shoebox distributions, a kindergarten visit and a home visit. Hopefully we can fit this all into the time before they have lunch at 12 then aim to be on the road towards the border by 1 pm.

I am having some problems getting on to the internet tonight but hopefully I can send this. I will send it to all those I think may be interested and ask that from then if you are interested on you check the website for future updates and select NEWS or ROSE’S TRIP DIARY . I also hope to keep our Face Book page up to date.


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