Diary 2 Thursday December 8th

The morning was busy with trying to fit in as much as we could before Jonathan and Selena left with the truck to get back to St Malo. We distributed shoeboxes in 3 kindergartens – the tiny one at Ateas with only a dozen children (that is on the way to nowhere unless you are going over the fields illegally to get into Hungary. Then the much bigger one at Sanicholau (may not be spelt correctly) and then to Rojt (I had thought it was RIOT but is not pronounced Royt). These villages are on the “back way” to Oradea. I had never been to Rojt before – it is small but larger than it appears on the road.

We finished by going to our own Mustard Seed Romania kindergarten then to visit a poor family on our programme – conditions there have improved thanks to the ongoing input through a sponsor’s money month by month. The oldest child is dying so many problems.

Then after lunch Jonathan and Selena left – hope to make it to Hungary in good time for when the Austrian driving restriction ends for HGV (Feast of Immaculate Conception I believe) they are ready. They plan to be on the evening boat from St Malo on Saturday.

I took Flori to Salonta for an hour or two. The rest of the day was very quiet resting.

I have heard Marta and the team from Beaulieu Convent School arrived in Budapest and eventually met with Victor at the large airport. (They travel to Romania in the morning)


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