Diary 4 Friday December 10th 2010

It froze hard over night and the footpaths between Casa Mabel (the pensioners’ home), Casa Aura (where we stay) and the small house where Beni (site superviser) and Dana live – these paths were all icy and slippery at 10 am this morning, but amazingly by 12.30 it had all thawed and even dried out.

In the villages we saw the start of flooding as water spread over the earth roads and ducks swam in it. It was not too deep to cause problems for the van but you would have needed boots to your knees as I reckon ankle boots would have been too short.

It has been another good day. The morning was spent with schools’ distributions in our own Mustard Seed Romania kindergarten, the Ateas kindergarten, Berechiu kindergarten and Sainnicolae kindergarten – so all very much in the same area. [I cannot guarantee the spelling especially of Sainnicolae!] It was lovely at Ateas as they said how much they appreciated what was given to them in October.

Before lunch we made up the bags of food for the pensioners – we set up a conveyor belt; all the bags contained flour, three different types of pasta, corn flour (used for traditional dish), rice, sugar, cooking oil, margarine, a small tin of pate, a bag of seasoning. The bags were surprisingly heavy. We made up 60.

In the afternoon  we went to the church to distribute the shoeboxes for the pensioners and the also their food parcels. I tried to photograph every single pensioner (for the sponsors) with their bag and box. It was surprisingly difficult as a number turned to walk off by another route and they all wanted to stop and embrace me to thank me while I wanted to take the next photo!! Add to that that it was bitterly cold and we were outside and I was frozen!

Then I went with Mariana and Vali to deliver some boxes and parcels to the bed-ridden that was rewarding – again deep gratitude. Two of the pensioners live in TINY single rooms adjoining the home of their carer relative.

In the evening we had a special dinner at Casa Mabel where we gave out shoeboxes to all the helpers which was really nice and Alex spoke of how amazing it was to think that just 4 years ago where the houses are now was just a field but God had plans for the field and now we have a good community and more plans to develop further.


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