Diary 5 Saturday December 11th 2010

It is snowing lightly but quite steadily outside which is possibly not good news as the drivers are due to leave in 36 hours time. It was very cold when I went to get something out of the car this evening and the boot seemed to have almost frozen shut one back door was frozen shut this afternoon.).

It has been a very quiet non eventful day with no major planned programmes. Bob has moved the trailer and cleaned the tractor unit, ready for leaving early Monday morning. Neil went into town with Nelu and Cristina and is not back yet as far as I know. I had planned to meet up with the young women known to us as “Nicu’s Girls” but I could not get any response from them on the phone, apart from Marinella who was working. So we decided it was not possible to give them their Christmas shoeboxes today in Oradea.

Phil, Christine and I set off to go to Salonta but then decided to go into Oradea where we spent several hours at the Lotus Centre (a shopping mall). Here we had lunch and window shopped – quite nice and relaxing. Then surprise surprise who did we see but Kathy Langston – her daughter Codi was celebrating her birthday at the centre so we met up with them briefly and were able to make arrangements about Christine’s day helping in the children’s hospital, which was really useful.

After that we drove back home to Cefa.

Some good news – it sounds as though Flori’s operation to enable her to have peritoneal dialysis has been successful at least so far. She said she was very sick yesterday and felt very alone as she was on her own and kept saying “Just me and God”. Phil and I agreed we wished Bucharest was nearer. Flori HOPES she will be back in Oradea on Wednesday or even Tuesday. That would mean we could see her again before we leave – that would be lovely (please Lord!)


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