Diary 6 Sunday December 6th 2010

It is Bob and Neil’s last day in Romania they leave tomorrow morning at about 8.30 – so I must set the alarm to wake up and wave them off. They hope to get to about Linz in Austria which will mean they should make it back to St Malo on Wednesday late afternoon or evening.

It is also Phil’s and my last day at Cefa and we move to nearer Oradea to Geo and Simona’s at Caminul Felix. That is better for visiting the trusts based in Oradea. Christine is staying at Cefa and will do more shoebox distribution with Mustard Seed Romania tomorrow.

In the morning we swept the snow off the car and went to church at Berechiu which was lovely – an amazing number of children in the tiny church, but it was a special day with Christmas shoeboxes, which probably explained the huge numbers.

We got back to Casa Mabel and Flori was on the phone from hospital in Bucharest. She told us how she had had a wonderful dream last night in which she saw an angel who called her name and told her not to be scared as God would never leave her. She said how she had seen us in her dream or vision and how she saw we were talking lovingly about her and praying for her. The sense of joy and peace in her voice was powerful and tangible through the phone. [This may sound crazy but those of us who spoke to her were moved to tears].

I tried again to arrange to meet “Nicu’s Girls” but they told me they were sorry they were too busy going to church to see us. So we arranged to drop off their Christmas gifts nearby on Tuesday as they are all busy at church again tomorrow. Bit disappointing.

After a delicious lunch (Romanian food is wonderful!) we went for a walk in the village and met the mayor again – found he runs the general ABC shops in this village and the next 2 villages. Fortunately his neighbour speaks some English or it would have been pretty impossible to communicate!

And that really has been the day.

It is possible the next diary instalment will be uploaded later as normally at Geo’s I send it in the morning rather than the evening as I have to use the family computer as last time I could not use my own wireless laptop. In that case my brother will not receive it in time to upload before he goes to bed.


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