Diary 7 Saturday June 5th 2010


This is my last diary as we leave Romania tomorrow morning. The Wednesday evening boat has been cancelled and we must be at St Malo by 7 am on Wednesday; so to allow for delays (and give me the opportunity to shop in St Malo) we need to leave tomorrow morning.


Today we decided was to be a day for Flori. Flori suffers with renal failure and has been on dialysis for 6 years – it is clear her health is deteriorating so we wanted to give her a special day. Initially she wanted us to take her to visit her brother which would have been fine if she could have contacted him to check he would be there, but none of the numbers she had would work. We weren’t keen on driving a round trip of 100+ miles to find he was not there, especially as there had been some trouble with the brother and debts and Beni advised that it would probably be better if Flori was accompanied by a Romanian speaking male.


So Flori decided she would like to go into Oradea and meet up with some of the friends she has not visited since she moved out here. Of course Flori goes to Oradea by hospital transport 3 days a week for dialysis but she is often quite unwell after that, so not appropriate to visit friends then. First we went to the home of Salomeea (name may not be spelt accurately) – it was really moving to see the delight of both Flori and her friend and also the welcome of all the family. Salomeea is engaged to be married in October so we admired the wedding dress and I expressed my amazement that anyone could possibly walk on such high heeled shoes!


After that we went to MacDonalds where we all ate and Flori ate an extremely hearty meal (I remember when she was with us in Jersey she was a joy to feed as she ate well and liked whatever was offered her).


From there we went to Agape as Flori had not seen Doris for a long time and when she heard she was there and we knew where she lived she was keen to see her. So we went there again and again we received a lovely welcome – not just from Diana, the family and workers there but also from Marinella who was there. It was a lovely way to end the day out.


Now we are back home at Cefa – and it is clear Flori has really enjoyed her day. She is telling the others all about it now. Phil and I must sort out the car and get as packed up as we can ready for tomorrow morning. The weather is finally warmer and sunny (it was COLD yesterday) and no rain today so far! We understand it is hot in Jersey – I think someone said 30 degrees.




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