SUNDAY APRIL 17th 2011


Did I tell you yesterday that there was a bazaar here at the Casa Mabel site? Next to their warehouse they have now got a small building which will be dedicated to items for the bazaars. There are some items which they receive from us in Jersey that are allocated to the bazaars. This is an arrangement which is beneficial all round. For the people in this village and the surrounding villages it means there is the opportunity to buy good quality second hand clothes and other items at a low but fair price without the expense of travelling to Oradea (close of 40 km and involving either a train or bus journey and a fair walk). For people who have some resources it means they have their dignity and they can buy – not always receiving gifts. For Mustard Seed Romania it is a valuable way to raise funds for Casa Mabel’s running costs, they plan to have one every month now they have this dedicated shed. (To clarify the matter I would estimate that less than 5% of the total aid consignment is sold to raise funds in this way – over 95% is given away at no cost to those in genuinely serious need).

This morning I learnt from Alex that they raised the equivalent of 600 dollars yesterday. Certainly more profitable than the car boot sales we run in Jersey to raise funds!!

Today is Sunday. We had planned after church to go out to the villages 70 kilometers away where we have relocated some needy families, but Phil was not very well this morning so I cancelled that plan. A shame but just one of those things.

I went to the Berechiu church in the next village. A very small but friendly and clearly sincere loving group. Of course with it being in Romanian it was difficult to understand much of it but you could feel the welcome coming from the people.

I had intended taking Flori out this afternoon but she said that after lunch she felt quite ill and sick. When she goes for her dialysis tomorrow she is almost certain that the doctor will keep her in hospital for a few days for blood transfusions as her results show this is needed again. She is painfully thin – 37 kilos she tells me.

I have assured her that I will ask Alex to take me to the hospital to see her on Tuesday and Wednesday if – as she suspects – she has to stay in hospital for a few days. She will possibly end up coming out the day we leave which will be disappointing all round.

Flori is such a special person, so loving and affectionate, with a strong belief in God’s care and protection of her.  We are privileged to know her. I am glad she had such a good day in Oradea with us yesterday.



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