Diary April 11th Monday 2011

Greetings to you all from Romania. Phil and I have arrived and are delighted to be here again. To our delight Flori is better than we expected Ė no fatter only 37 kilos, but looks a bit better with slightly longer hair. She sounds better and seems better but she is very frail and needed help to go downstairs after she came to inspect our bedroom.

††††††††† To our delight we found Tom is here from USA. We met him once before when he came to help Alex with a building project with another American called Steve. But usually they come in the spring and we generally miss them. Philís sense of humour and Tomís go together and there were numerous raucous hoots and guffaws of laughter as they got going.

††††††††† There have been some changes here at Casa Mabel and I havenít seen all the ladies yet but there is time for that tomorrow. What was lovely was the joy and delight when they saw us Ė we were thoroughly kissed and embraced and blessed.

††††††††† Soon after we arrived we had the sad news by text message that one of our most elderly volunteers has died. Heather came to Romania with us once and worked very hard for Mustard Seed packing on a Tuesday afternoon.

††††††††† Michel and Thomas are on the road driving the aid trailer. They had planned to leave on Saturday afternoon but Michelís wife had an accident and is in hospital now. However his family decided he must go so he and his son Thomas left at 5 am this morning from St Malo. They were delayed as the brakes on the trailer got dangerously hot just before Paris, so a trip to a garage was unavoidable. It proved to be the handbrake caught on the front axle and so causing the front left brakes to be on; amazingly Michel managed to get the repair done free of charge. But it delayed them. They are mid way across Germany now and have stopped for the night. We think they will not arrive till Wednesday morning.


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