Diary April 12th 2011

Not what you would call the most energetic of days ! Phil and I woke up so late that Flori was banging on the bedroom door! We both slept really soundly after the drive. I shall have to be up earlier tomorrow as the drivers Michel and Thomas will be phoning when they get to the border and by my calculations it will be around 8 am tomorrow! [That will be 6 am Jersey time, as Romania is 2 hours ahead of us back home].

In the morning Phil and I went with Flori to Salonta. Did I tell you yesterday that I really “blotted my copy-book” as Flori’s “adopted mother “ (she always calls me Mumma) as I forgot her birthday which was today ( for some reason I thought it was the end of the month). She is 35 years old. Tonight as I kissed her good night I tried to redeem myself (to everyone’s amusement) by giving her 35 kisses!! It was all a great laugh and Flori loved it and tells me she will tell her friends they should kiss her 35 times!!

Then after lunch we had a good look round at the site here at Cefa – so many developments and changes just since December. Steve from USA built a new shed which will be invaluable storage. There is a positive menagerie of animals now – chickens galore (possibly why we had egg and rice soup today), pigs, rabbits, numerous cats, kittens and dogs. Now as I write Tom (also from USA, over with his mother who is assisting in the kindergarten while he is doing building and maintenance work) is attaching the posts to the stairs so we will have a hand rail – it will be a big improvement as now there is none. Probably in view of the noise and vibration from his drill and the banging of his hammer he will stop shortly, or none of us will get any sleep!

Michel and Thomas have had a problem in Austria with the road traffic police because the Go Box (pre-paid road tolls) was wrongly positioned in the lorry so it was not registering as it was going under the bridges. Apparently there was a similar problem with the December lorry, so we have been fined 220 euros. It was another delay for them and totally finished any remaining chance they had of arriving here tonight. We expect them tomorrow morning and have scheduled the unloading for 2 in the afternoon.


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