Wednesday April 13th 2011


Today has been a really good but quite exhausting day. It started quite slowly with a leisurely breakfast, then the lorry got to the border late morning and arrived at Cefa just in time for lunch. Both Michel and his son Thomas were quite shocked at the state of the roads in Romania – in fairness there is a noticeable deterioration once you cross the  border from Hungary into Romania.


The unloading was first thing this afternoon and took about 3 ½ hours by the time everything was removed from the trailer. It all took place very well – it was good to see the people from the various charities at the unloading. Michel and Thomas were very impressed at how well we load the trailer, especially at how well every single little space is stuffed full [I cannot take credit for that, that credit must go to George and Sam and Bill]. Our drivers (it is their first ever trip) were impressed at how well organised it all is.


Then Patty and I began packing the food parcels for the pensioner distribution. Fortunately Michel and Thomas came to help or we would never have had time for a most welcome but very quick cup of coffee before going to the pensioner distribution at the Cefa Baptist church. About 30 pensioners were there – all so very grateful to receive the packages. One little old soul had walked a long way to come to the meeting – she had a bad back and a walking stick so we took her back home with her parcel and were amazed at how far she had walked to collect it. It says how highly valued the food parcels are.


On the way back we visited 2 gypsy houses to deliver food parcels – one to Monti who wept with joy and prayed and blessed us fervently. Michel was really moved at how poor the conditions were in the mud brick 2 room house and could not believe anyone lives in such poor conditions. His son Thomas said nothing – I think he was lost for words. When we went to a family living in 2 rooms with 7 children, Michel was quite shocked and compared it to our affluent  throw away society. 


Over the meal that we shared at Casa Mabel tonight Michel kept repeating how moved he was by what he had seen.


Tomorrow they must leave to return to France. Michel’s wife is improving after her accident and is due to be discharged from hospital tomorrow; her sister will care for her till Michel gets back to St Malo on Saturday.



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