Thursday April 14th 2011


The weather is much cooler today and quite dull. It has been a good day. Just before lunch time Michel and Thomas left to drive the almost 1500 miles back to St Malo.


In the morning  we went to 2 kindergartens – the first one was at Ateas. This is a very small village further on than Cefa towards the Hungarian border along one of the bumpiest roads imaginable. Michel and Thomas were again quite shocked by the road, and when we got to the kindergarten they were amazed at the poor state of the building. It is a small kindergarten – only 11 children and more than half were missing today as the holidays begin tomorrow. They were thrilled with the toys and equipment we took them and have taken them in the past – the teacher recognised me. She explained that when the children are too old for kindergarten they must go to Cefa to the school there (about 12 kilometers away I believe). On the way we passed the post lady cycling along with the mail from Cefa to Ateas.


In the car we talked about the depth of need among the poorest in this country, how there are the rich and the poor but hardly any of “middle range income” between. The trip has clearly been an eye opener for both Michel and Thomas.


The final visit before they left was to the Mustard Seed kindergarten. I reckon this was the highlight of the visit for both Michel and Thomas. They both clearly love children and immediately bonded with the children, playing with them and clearly having a wonderful time. Thomas was especially popular and had children hanging onto him all the time. Michel had tears of joy in his eyes as he said how much both and Thomas had enjoyed spending that time with the children.


But all good things must come to an end. They left saying they would be back for sure another time. They were over the border and back in Hungary by 1.30 pm.




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