Monday April 18th 2011

We said Goodbye to Tom and Patty today as they left soon after 9 o’clock to go to Oradea and then Budapest airport. Did I tell you Patty had the most terrible cough – yesterday afternoon Florica the nurse made her a special brew (onion skins boiled up in water, bits strained out and mint teabags added to disguise the taste) ~ well this morning Patty’s cough is WORLDS better. [Phil and I had doubted she could fly as she was yesterday morning, but a new woman today. So next time any of us have a bad cough I shall try Florica’s brew].

We also said Goodbye to Flori as she will stay in hospital for a few days for blood transfusions after her dialysis session today; hopefully we can visit her in hospital. Her health is fragile and changeable.

Then Phil and I went off to meet Nelu from FI. We had a brilliant time with them –Cristina who tells us their baby is due late August and will be a girl: they have decided on the name which is the Romanian version of the flower dahlia. They are so excited about the baby.

There a crowd of people waiting outside the FI office – Nelu explained they have a bread distribution today at 1 o’clock but people were queuing before 11 o’clock. The crowd got larger as the time grew closer, and then the bread van was late. But finally it arrived. It was well organised, Cristina had a list and called everyone’s name and there was exactly enough bread. Nelu explained that they have only enough money for one more bread distribution which will be on Thursday.

They give to about 50 people, some had 2 loaves, depending on their family size  the bread costs the equivalent of £1, which is half a lei more than was quoted in February but the cost of flour is going up and up. The loaves are large – approximately a kilo so good value for money when you think of the cost of our bread in Jersey. And totally delicious! Some of the best bread I have tasted ever even in Romania. (Nelu ordered an extra loaf so we could have a loaf with them at lunch time with pate and salami). So much gratitude to St Lawrence Church for that donation. So many kissed me and blessed me to thank me for the bread. Somehow we must do something to raise more funds for next winter.

There was also a clothing distribution as well there so all in all it was a very good day at FI.

We did have some soul searching deciding who to give the mobility scooter to as there were at least 2 worthy needy recipients who would benefit tremendously. (It arrived on the trailer last week) There was also one in Romania that can be used if repaired so Mustard Seed donated some money to repair it so both will have one in working order.



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