Tuesday April 19th 2011


A bit disappointing as we heard late last night that we could not see Raul of Speranta Familiei today as was planned, because he had been unexpected summoned to court for an extra hearing regarding a complication in an adoption case the charity are involved with. So we arranged to see him tomorrow after we have been with Agape.


Phil and I slept on rather late – the old ladies were quite amused at how late we were appearing for breakfast!! We went in Oradea, met Alex, he and I did a necessary document at the Notary regarding Mustard Seed Romania. Any major changes regarding the charity require 3 signatures and one of those signatures is mine, so the document needed to be drawn up while I was here. The notary’s secretary seemed to spend all her time entering information in a ledger, stapling mountains of documents together and rubber stamping them! We know from experience that to the Romanians the rubber stamp is very important – more important than the signature on a document, which I find hard to understand.


Then we went into the hospital to see Flori. Because her blood results are not good she has had to stay in hospital after her dialysis yesterday   possibly till tomorrow evening or maybe longer. She was over-joyed to see us and told us that she had a transfusion she is feeling better (I know she was a bit wobbly on Sunday afternoon and evening). We promised to phone tomorrow and I said that if she does not come home then we will most certainly aim to go to the hospital again to see her before we leave on Thursday.


[To those who have been to Oradea and the hospital for sick children, the far end of the building is now used for various medical clinics including the kidney dialysis one.]



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