ROSE'S DIARY December 3rd and 4th 2013  04/12/2013

Greetings from Romania! Here it is chilly (puddles stayed frozen all day!) but bright sunshine. Compared to Jersey it really doesn't feel cold, but it has to be, as we did not have iced up puddles when I left on Monday morning to fly over here.

Our Mustard Seed Jersey volunteer drivers Ian and Chris arrived last night (Tuesday 3rd) and cleared customs this morning then the unloading happened in chilly but sunny weather. Thank The Lord it wasn't raining!

The problem they had had with the air system on the trailer on the way down has been sorted with the purchase of the necessary part. So they were very relieved as the leak had been getting progressively worse and required increasingly frequent taping up!

After the unloading, and lunch at Casa Mabel our pensioners' home, we went to Mustard Seed's two homework clubs and gave out Christmas shoeboxes. Here it was quite special as Ian had his little daughter's first shoebox to distribute. It was given to a little girl called Andreea, who lives in a poor house close to the school. The teacher says that Andreea always tries very hard.

It is impossible not to compare the stark differences between equipment and facilities in schools at home and schools here. One of the homework clubs happens in the state kindergarten and the building was in a poor state. The building is used by the kindergarten in the morning and they allow the homework club to be there in the afternoon. There is comparatively little equipment in the classroom. The second homework club happens in Mustard Seed's kindergarten and here the facilities are better - no not anything like as good as in Jersey, but rather better than the state run kindergarten.

Both Ian and Chris have been here before - 5 years ago we decided. They are pleased with the changes and improvements that they can see since their last visit.

Sergio showed them round and after looking at the houses in the process of being built for vulnerable young women, they spent ages looking at the farming side, advising on equipment etc etc. I got progressively colder so left them to it.

Tomorrow morning they leave - we would expect them to be back in st Malo on Saturday and back to Jersey on the evening boat.



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