ROSE'S DIARY Wednesday 11th December 2013  11/12/2013

Today has been a great day.

I walked up to Smiles where Marta and the team were staying - they arrived last night from Jersey, via Gatwick and Budapest.

We have had a great day but now are exhausted! First on arriving at the FI office, the girls began distributing bread to those in need. Each family had 2 loaves of bread. One lady gave me a flower to say thank you which was really moving.

Afterwards we went visiting needy families, including one where the father had just died leaving the mother with 3 handicapped children aged in their 30s or early 40s. That was difficult, as the children are all mentally handicapped but cannot walk. The biggest fear the mother has is what will become of the children when she dies.

Then we went to see the trailer and met the grandmother who moves in shortly. The young man Danny has already moved in. Nelu needs to buy beds for the grandmother and her granddaughter as we did not send any on the December trailer as he had hoped we would.

Our next port of call was the FI youth club, where the girls led craft activities which went really well, but none of them knew what a Christmas cracker was, which was a surprise.

We then made up sandwiches and put hot fruit tea into flasks for the homeless and in the freezing cold we went out to find the homeless, sheltering by the hot pipes. It was all pretty cold and we were absolutely frozen!!!

We are back in the warm now absolutely exhausted but a rewarding day.



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