ROSE'S DIARY Saturday December 14th 2013  14/12/2013

Well I have just waved good bye to the Beaulieu group who are now on their way to Budapest.

Our final morning was spent with Kathy Langston and she took us to visit 3 orphanages/residential homes for handicapped or special needs children and young people. They are state run and the young people should have a home for life there. Kathy employs 4 women who work in these homes to spend time playing with the young people and organising activities as the level of staffing provided by the government does not provide for that. The staff indicated that the government provides the basic needs but nothing more - that is left to the charities to provide.

The first home had older young people - one of whom can be violent so he was confined to his room, to avoid any possible problems. The next house had a number of younger children and we gave out toys. The final house was for generally more able young people. Here we had a wonderful time playing with balloons.

In each house we saw the joy on children and young people's faces as we gave them attention, love, as we played with them and talked to them.

There is no doubt that it was a very challenging visit, as the facilities are poor, although the houses are brightly painted inside and attractively decorated, there is a noticeable lack of stimulating equipment for the young people - no wonder they get violent and self harm or harm others it will be out of boredom.

Another very challenging thing was the obvious need for love of all the young people, they wanted and needed to be hugged, have their backs stroked or patted, to be talked to.

We talked afterwards and all felt that if these children and young people were born in Britain their lives and outlooks would be almost certainly better and brighter, as the care we offer people with handicap means more opportunity for treatment, education and more appropriate living facilities.

A very challenging visit, but also very encouraging as we brought a huge amount of joy to those children and young people, by playing with them, loving them, spending time with them. By being there we really fulfilled Mustard Seed's motto and our help DID make a difference.



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