Friday May 30th 2013 31/05/2013

I had sent yesterday's diary before going to eat at Casa Mabel. In view of the weather, Alex had said we would postpone the food parcel distribution because nobody would come out in thevby then torrential rain. As drainage is bad the puddles lay deep on the concrete - it was horrible.

Then just we were finishing our meal there came a phone call to say that about 15 pensioners had turned up in spite of Alex's message to several people in the village. So we donned our waterproofs again and after loading the back of the van went out.

It was POURING, in places the depth of water on the road meant it was impossible for pedestrians not to have wet feet unless they were in waterproof boots higher than their ankles.

But the room was full and overflowing with pensioners to whom the monthly food parcel is so very important that they braved the weather. One old lady had struggled along on 2 sticks and she only had wool cardigans on her back no waterproof jacket. IF EVER I HAD NEEDED PROOF THAT THE FOOD PARCELS ARE VERY HIGHLY VALUED, I HAD IT THEN. Nobody in their right mind would have turned out for a bag of food or anything unless it was very very precious and incredibly valuable to them.

Today (Friday ) has been a very quiet day, I have been on several walks, had a meeting about the kindergarten and this evening taken the 4 girls here who are on our sheltered accommodation programme out to have ice cream and a soft drink at a restaurant. All four grew up in state orphanages so often find relationships difficult. Two of the four have serious boyfriends and were thrilled and proud when the boyfriends phoned to tell them they were with me in a restaurant. We talked about their possible plans.

I had planned to give the full day to Flori tomorrow but her days for dialysis have changed and she is having dialysis tomorrow afternoon.



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